Zobanduka! Plane fails to land due to power outage at Malawi airport – Malawi 24

A plane carrying passengers remained in the air for more than 40 minutes at Chileka International Airport, but still failed to land due to a power outage and was forced to return to Lilongwe.

According to one of the passengers, on several occasions the plane’s departure was delayed at Kamuzu International Airport in the capital Lilongwe.

When the plane managed to leave Lilongwe and then reached Blantyre, the passengers were given another rude awakening as the plane could not land.

“This country is so unserious. Malawian airlines delayed our flight to BT twice, then we take off and approach chileka. We are told that we just need to spin in the air for a while as there is no ground electrification for a clear landing. It was so disturbing to be

“Just fly with turbulence and then only to be told we have to go back to KIA because chileka can’t pull itself together! MALAWI DOES BETTER!!!!!” one passenger tweeted.

Speaking to local media, another passenger said: “We stayed in the air for about 40 minutes while the authorities tried to remedy the problem, but to no avail and flew back to Lilongwe.”

The passenger complained that her programs were affected by the problem.

A Facebook user whose sister was on the flight said, “Guess what… my sister who was flying from Lilongwe to Chilika airport twenty minutes ago had to fly back to KIA because Chilika had no lights on. the track, pathetic country.

A system shutdown in the morning yesterday left most parts of the country without power.

In some areas, power was restored for a few hours before the outage returned.

Malawi has been experiencing power outages of more than six hours a day since January this year.

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