Your plane based on your zodiac sign

The Magic: The Gathering multiverse is vast and endless. Planes are different universes within this multiverse that we visit with each new set. Each plane of existence offers something a little different for its inhabitants and the game’s players. Sometimes they’re top-down design, taking influence from outside sources, while others are unique.

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Some planes call you more than others because you share an affinity for them. Maybe it’s the philosophies of this world or the design, or maybe it’s something you can’t explain because it’s on a metaphysical level. Here are the airplanes that best match your zodiac sign.


12 Tarkir – Aries

Planeswalkers such as Narset and Sarkhan Vol inhabit Tarkir. In a past life, it was home to five warring clans, but thanks to an altered future at the hands of Vol, the dragons rule it with an iron fist.

This blueprint closely resembles the traits of the first zodiac sign, because just as clans and dragons like to be on top, Aries likes to be number one. People under this fire sign have no problem diving into competition or challenges without hesitation.

11 Zendikar – Taurus

Taurus are stubborn by nature. Well, what most call stubborn, Taurus call dedication. What better plane represents dedication than Zendikar? It was the plane that once held the three Eldrazi captive, until Nicol Bolas used Sarkhan Vol to free them.

It was a prison plane dedicated to the greatest threat (physically and figuratively) the multiverse had ever seen. When the Eldrazi disappeared, Zendikar set out on the path to recovery. Nahiri has returned and now the Skyclaves of old are returning to the surface.

ten Kamigawa – Gemini

Gemini is represented by the celestial twins, because this air sign needed a double to accomplish everything it wanted to do in life. Geminis are social butterflies and can converse with anyone. They will talk to a wall. They can be deep in conversation about nerd culture with an introvert, or talking about basketball in a sports bar with an extrovert.

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Kamigawa, likewise, has two faces: the spirit world and the mortal world. The veil that separated them disappeared and these two halves collided. With the release of Neon Dynasty, Kamigawa is a technological marvel, and mixes in yet another aspect to juggle.

9 New Phyrexia – Cancer

New Phyrexia was once the metallic plane of Mirrodin, until it was corrupted by the sinister Phyrexians. Like the crustacean that represents the sign of Cancer, New Phyrexia is covered in a hard shell that is difficult to penetrate.

Cancers are notorious for putting up a kind of emotional shell to protect themselves, which many confuse as cold or aloof. They look nothing like Phyrexians, but their harsh exterior and aloof demeanor may remind you of them.

8 Dominaria – Leo

Dominaria has been around since the inception of MTG and was the primary aircraft used in Magic’s early years. It is also the center of the multiverse. Can you see where this is heading?

Leos appreciate the spotlight and want to be the center of your attention. They are also born leaders and they have an effect on those around them. They share this trait with Dominaria because much of what happens there (especially the larger events) reverberates throughout the rest of the multiverse.

seven Kaladesh – Virgo

Virgos are logical, practical and systematic in their approach to life and would suit Kaladesh best. This plane has almost no natural mages and favors inventions and technology over magic. Their inventions are as beautiful as they are functional and help in everyday life.

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Virgos like to keep things organized instead of a jumbled mess. Unlike other signs that might incorporate emotion into their thought process, Virgos only look at relevant information – which would work perfectly for an airplane that relies on technology and inventions to function.

6 Eldraine – Libra

Eldraine is a newer plane, introduced in 2021 and it featured Oko, Thief of Crowns – a planeswalker powerful enough to be banned in multiple formats. Eldraine is based on Arthurian fantasy and is dominated by five realms believed to maintain balance across the plane.

Likewise, Libras are synonymous with balance, justice and harmony. They are obsessed with balance, seeking symmetry in all aspects of life. They are the best friends to have because they will do their best to make everyone happy.

5 New Capenna – Scorpion

As the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac, Scorpios would call New Capenna home. They are enigmatic and calculating much like the archdemons of Capenna when they made a deal with the archangels and then used their essence to ward off the Phyrexian forces.

Scorpios are ambitious and can show unparalleled empathy when building trust with others. They operate much like the gangs of New Capenna, who trust those in their respective gang like a brother or sister.

4 Arcavios – Sagittarius

You probably know Arcavios best from its school of magic, Strixhaven. Beyond the school, there is a whole aircraft with a rich history. The last fire sign of the zodiac would indeed call Arcavios home due to his endless pursuit of knowledge.

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The plane also houses the largest library in the entire multiverse: the Biblioplex. Sagittarius always pursues intellectual and spiritual adventures, for which Arcavios, especially Strixhaven, is well suited.

3 Ikoria – CapricornShabraz, the Celestial Shark

If you are a fan of larger than life mythical creatures, then Ikoria is a great place to visit. Capricorn, the last earth sign of the zodiac, would fit in well here for the sole reason that it is represented by a mythical creature of its own.

Their symbol is a strange amalgamation of the body of a goat and the tail of a fish – similar to something you would find on Ikoria. Capricorns are also determined individuals who can overcome any daunting obstacle, even if it’s a mutated monstrosity.

2 Realm of Meditation – Aquarius

Aquarius is a confusing sign. The prefix of his name relates to water, and he is usually represented by waves or a vase of water. It is even known as the water bearer, but it is actually an air sign. Aquarians are all about the spirit. They are curious, intellectual and independent.

Thus, the realm of meditation suits this air sign. This plan is constantly evolving, taking all the forms that the inhabitants desire. By emphasizing the independent nature of Aquarius, this plane has become inaccessible to anyone other than Ugin – ever since it became a prison for the dragon planeswalker, Nicol Bolas.

1 Theros – Pisces

Theros was a descending plane based on Greek mythology. Much like Greece, it’s a place known for its drama and art, which suits the most empathetic sign of the zodiac well.

Pisces are very in touch with their emotions, and given enough energy, they can influence a whole host of people. In Theros, the collective belief of its citizens alters the very fabric of reality. Their belief and devotion give strength to the gods of the plane, who rule from Nyx.

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