Young thug accuses pilot of racism after being kicked off plane

Young Thug was trying to fly the friendly skies, but a pilot ruined his travel plans and kicked him out of a plane.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 XXL The People’s Champ Award nominee hopped on Instagram Live and recorded himself being kicked off a private jet owned by Clay Lacy Aviation. The Atlanta rapper was angry that he, along with Gunna and his YSL team, were removed from the plane without any explanation. Apparently Thug and Gunna had a show scheduled in New York before they landed.

In the clip, Thug asked the pilot, identified as Alex, why he was kicked off the plane? “You know what you did,” replied Alex.

” What are we doing ? Thug asked again. “I told you so,” Alex replied, to which Thugger said, “What are you telling me?” Alex refused to answer this question.

Afterwards, Alex warned Thug that the cops were coming, which the rapper scoffed at. “I don’t care about a cop. We want the cops to come,” Thug said.

Minutes later, Thug accused the pilot of alleged racism. “They said we disrespected him, we didn’t disrespect anyone,” he said. “His name is Alex. He’s racist, he’s disrespectful. We didn’t do anything disrespectful. We’re not getting off that plane.”

Thugger then told Alex, “We don’t care how many cops you called, you can call 62 million cops, who cares, asshole. We didn’t disrespect anybody.”

“Alex, you’re racist. You’re crazy because we have money. Yeah, you’re racist because we didn’t do anything,” he added.

Later in the clip, Young Thug revealed that one of his passengers was removed from the plane because that person did not have proper identification. However, Thugger maintained that the person without ID left the plane without incident. But, the pilots refused to fly the plane after what they claimed was one of Thug’s passengers, disrespecting their colleague, apparently a flight attendant.

In response, Thug again claimed that Alex was racist. “It’s not P…you’re a racist asshole,” he claimed, while referencing Gunna and Future’s latest single, “Pushin ‘P.”

“You’re not P, Alex, you’re pushing B, bitch,” he concluded.

Gunna was also on the plane and shared some videos of the incident on her Instagram story. He echoed Young Thug’s sentiments that Alex had been racist towards them. You can watch the clip below.

Police were eventually called and the pilot told authorities that his crew, as well as the flight attendant, were not comfortable flying the plane with them on board.

One of the officers pulled Thug aside and told him he should book another charter jet as the pilot is not flying the plane under any circumstances. The officer informed Thug he could get his money back from the broker, but Thug said the broker told him his flight was non-refundable.

It is not known if Thug was able to book another charter flight to New York.

Young Thug’s rep shared a statement with XXL regarding the incident:

“RACISM IS NOT 🅿️”, he said.

XXL also contacted Clay Lacy Aviation for comment.

Check out some of the clips from Young Thug’s alleged racist incident with the private jet company below.

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