Wreckage of a floatplane crash located in Puget Sound

SEATTLE (AP) — The wreckage of a seaplane that crashed in the waters of Washington’s Puget Sound last week has been found on the seabed, National Transportation Safety said Monday. Board.

The NTSB said the depth and movement of the water hid the wreckage for several days, the Seattle Times reported.

Sonar located a “large section” similar in length and width to the plane about 190 feet (58 meters) below the surface of Puget Sound near Whidbey Island, according to spokeswoman Jennifer Gabris.

Investigators, the National Oceanic at Atmospheric Administration and the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory surveyed a 1.75 by 0.75 mile (2.8 by 1.2 kilometer) area where witnesses said that the plane had crashed.

Due to the depth and currents of 3-5 knots, the NTSB is looking for a remote-operated vehicle to recover the wreckage. The NTSB had said details of the crash, including the cause of the crash, could not be determined until the wreckage was found.

Ten people were on the Sunday flight from Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands to the Seattle suburb of Renton when it crashed on September 4. The only body that was found was identified last week as Gabby Hanna from Seattle.