Woman claims airline told her to ‘cover’ exposed chest on plane

An American woman has shared the outfit she wore when she boarded a plane and was told to ‘cover up’ because her chest was exposed.

An American said flight attendants threatened to throw her off a plane if she didn’t “hide” her breasts.

The outraged passenger shared footage as he sat on the Alaska Airlines plane, sharing attire deemed “inappropriate” by staff.

In the video, she can be seen wearing denim shorts and a zebra-print top with a “high-cut” neckline.

“Alaska Airlines just told me I had to ‘hide’ if I wanted to get on the plane,” reads the text written on the video.

The TikTok user, who handles @badbish1078, then captioned the clip: “I said no [heart emoji] #patriarchytingz.

His shocking encounter was branded ‘ridiculous’ by social media users, with some calling on the airline to ‘do better’.

“Excuse me, what? wrote a shocked viewer.

“This is ridiculous @alaskaair do better,” said another.

While an outraged woman said, “#cancelalaskaairlines.”

Among the hundreds of comments, some also said the situation was “common now” and others said they also knew people to whom it had happened.

“UR KIDDING,” one said.

“Wait until this happened to someone else I know too,” added another.

Locally, a similar scenario unfolded recently on a Jetstar flight with former the island of love Contestant Amelia Marni who claimed a male flight attendant told her to cover up because her top was too revealing.

The Sydney model and influencer had posted a short video of herself dancing outside the terminal wearing a black cropped crop top and khaki pants before boarding the flight.

However, soon after, she posted another story complaining that her outfit got her into hot water.

“We love the moment of shame. A male flight attendant just told me to cover up and my clothes were too revealing. I can’t wear this and it’s inappropriate to wear on Jetstar. NEVER heard of this,” she wrote.

She later posted images of Jetstar’s dress requirements.

“Please refrain from wearing clothing or carrying personal items that display any words, images, symbols or slogans that may reasonably be considered offensive,” he said.

The 25-year-old then complained it was the only thing she could find to wear online and wrote that we ‘love a man who abuses his authority’.

News.com.au contacted Jetstar for comment at the time.

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