Why does Google Earth show an airplane in the middle of a lake in Michigan?

Lake Barlow is like any other body of water in the summer, in that it offers fishing, boating, and what appears to be a plane stuck at the bottom of it.

Wait, what was that last part?

According to a photo on Google Earth, it sure looks like there’s a plane at the bottom of the lake, something that was first hinted at on a Facebook group called “Grand Rapids Informed.”

The plane can be seen in the picture in a part of a lake near Camp Manitoulin, a longtime YMCA camp on the northern part of the lake.

Zooming in, the plane has a Southwest Airlines logo, but is it really at the bottom of the lake?

Upon closer examination, that is not the case, according to WFGR in Grand Rapids.

The lake is not far from Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, and maps can easily be followed near the airport.

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It appears that the satellite camera inadvertently took a picture of the plane flying over the lake as it attempted to land.

Other photos show the aircraft over farmland and a stretch of forest.

In other words, for those planning on fishing, boating or swimming on Lake Barlow this summer, there’s no need to dodge a plane at the bottom, although the Google Earth photo is still nice to look at.

Case resolved.

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