What was the plane in Don’t Worry Darling?

Florence Pugh’s Alice sees a mysterious red plane crash in Don’t Worry Darling. Was it a real plane or another of his hallucinations?

Warning: this message contains SPOILERS for Don’t Worry Darling!

Olivia Wilde’s new movie leaves some mysteries, like what the plane was in don’t worry darling. Based on a 1950s utopia, the film follows Florence Pugh’s Alice as she lives what seems like the perfect housewife life with her husband Jack (Harry Styles). However, as don’t worry darlingAs Victory’s story unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear to the audience and to Alice that something is wrong with Victory. This leads her to look into the mysterious Victory Project, but the more Alice investigates the project and its founder Frank (Chris Pine), the more she is led to believe she might be suffering from a nervous breakdown.


Due to don’t worry darling‘s mysteries and the psychological aspect of the story, viewers are left to decipher several moments. The reality of Alice’s experiences is repeatedly questioned based on what she sees and does. This comes after watching one of his neighbors commit suicide only to be repeatedly told that the neighbor is fine. However, don’t worry darling includes many other puzzling moments for Alice, such as seeing a red plane fly over Victory and crashing in the desert. No one else can corroborate that Alice saw the plane crash into don’t worry darlingleaving the credibility of the event in question.

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Was the plane crash Alice sees in Don’t Worry Darling real?

Although don’t worry darling does not outright confirm whether the plane crash Alice sees was real, the film indicates that it was not. don’t worry darlingAlice’s ending confirms that Alice’s life in the 1950s is a fabrication and part of an artificial reality. There is no natural explanation for why the plane would exist inside the controlled simulation. Alice only sees the plane after she starts having other hallucinations, which is a good sign that don’t worry darlingThe plane crash is fake. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that she sees the red plane after noticing that her neighbor was holding an identical toy. For these reasons, it’s safe to say that the plane crash Alice sees in don’t worry darling is not real.

What the Plane in Don’t Worry Darling Really Means

The plane in don’t worry darling may not be real, but it’s still a very important part of the film’s story. Alice’s search for the plane crash site is what leads to her discovering Victory’s headquarters and, as later revealed, leaving the Victory Project simulation for the first time. Without witnessing the apparent plane crash, Alice might never have made such a breakthrough. This would mean that she could not have freed herself from Project Victory without don’t worry darlingthe plane.

For this reason, the aircraft in don’t worry darling is a sign of escape. The fake plane may have crashed in the desert, but the transport ultimately helped Alice escape the simulation. It’s no coincidence that the discovery of her son’s toy plane in the middle of the desert led Alice’s neighbor to start wondering what was going on at Victory and with the Victory project. There is also the possibility that the aircraft in don’t worry darling symbolizes Alice unhappy with her life in Victory and wanting to escape, as well as the threat that exists in the town.