What Really Caused the Plane Crash (It Wasn’t Jacob’s Fault)

How did the characters from Lost end up on the island? It was said that Jacob was responsible, but did he also cause the plane crash? Here’s what really happened.

Despite the role Jacob played in getting everyone on the island to Lost, he is not really responsible for what happened to Oceanic Flight 815. The plane crash, which took place in the pilot episode, is the incident that started the story and brought all the main cast of season 1 on the island. Over the course of the series, several theories have been offered to explain what brought the plane down.

How it was all connected was finally explored in Lost last two seasons when it delved into the two biggest players in the story, which were the Smoke Monster and Jacob, the mysterious would-be protector of the island. Jack, Loke, Hurley and the others came to realize that Jacob was “the man behind the curtain” and the connective tissue that held them all together. He chose each of them as candidates to be his replacement and took steps to bring them to the island. Although there was an accident of fate for several of the passengers, a number were there because that was what Jacob wanted.


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There’s no denying that Jacob’s behind-the-scenes machinations are behind the story, but that doesn’t mean he crashed Flight 815. Instead, that accident can be attributed to one character’s actions. different – Desmond Hume by Henry Ian Cusick. In a Season 2 episode, Desmond came to believe that he had brought the plane down when he failed to press the hatch button. His theory was supported by the revelation that the only time he did not press the button coincided with the moment of the accident. As there were many doubts at the time about whether or not to push the button, it was unclear if Desmond was right, but later events indicated that he was truly responsible.

Lost: Desmond and Hurley

The blast of electromagnetic energy resulting from not pressing the button in the Season 2 finale confirmed that the Hatch was really what the Dharma Initiative claimed it was. This proves that Desmond’s claims in Season 2 were accurate. He really crashed the plane, which highlights just how much of a role the character really played in the show and its overall story. Not only the key to stopping the smoke monster in the Lost series finale, but he was also the person who made everything that happened to the main characters on the island possible.

As for where Jacob fits into all of this, it seems like he took advantage of Desmond’s biggest mistake in Lost. Since Jacob had many powers as the protector of the island, it’s likely one of them was the ability to see the future (at least to some degree). This explains how he brought everyone to the island. It seems that instead of crashing the plane himself, he used his knowledge of the accident to bring his chosen candidates to the island.

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