What did Cal see from the plane window?

What was Cal looking at from the airplane window in Manifest? The show heavily hinted at the answer to this mystery in a Season 2 episode.

In Manifest, Cal witnessed a mysterious sighting from the plane’s window that has yet to be fully explained. However, the events that took place in the series provided clues to what Jack Messina’s character saw that day in 2013. What he saw will certainly be part of understanding what happened. actually in the series.

It’s been clear from the very beginning that while all of the passengers on Flight 828 are special, Cal is particularly unique. For some reason, he has a connection to the Callings that the others miss. Some attributed this to an event that took place during the flight. Shortly before the place inexplicably vanished, Cal saw something through the plane’s window. That moment prompted Cal to say, “everything is connected”. Regardless of what that really means, it seems Cal has a piece of the puzzle that no other character has, given he was apparently the only passenger awake at the time.


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Manifest reported that what Cal actually saw was Al-Zuras’ ship. This has been strongly suggested in Manifest season 2, episode 9, titled “Airplane Bottles”. Shortly after opening the episode with Cal dreaming of the moment he was looking out the window, Cal was seen building a model ship from memory. This was after they experienced the call which revealed Al-Zuras’ ship was sailing under Flight 828. It appears that just as Al-Zuras and his crew were looking at the plane he referred to in his diary as “silver dragonCal looked at them.

What Cal Seeing Al-Zuras Means For Manifest Season 4

It’s been a long time since the reveal of Al-Zuras from season 2 was irrelevant to the series, but that should change in Manifest season 4. After all, the coexistence of Flight 828 and Al-Zuras’ ship naturally has to be a key part of the series’ overall story. As for what all of this could mean, and how Cal and Al-Zuras factor it in, that should be explored further in future episodes. With the series coming to an end with Season 4, it seems like only a matter of time before the show dives a little deeper into what exactly happened on Flight 828.

Cal seeing Al-Zuras’ ship indicates that time travel is the explanation for this particular mystery. The Manifest The Season 3 finale reinforced this notion by featuring a surprise appearance from Captain Daly. Dressed in the same clothes he wore in the series premiere, the version of Daly seen in the season finale appears to be from the time period of Flight 828’s disappearance. So if the pilot briefly visited 2021 and Cal saw a 15th century ship, making it all the more likely that wild time travel shenanigans were at play when Flight 828 went missing.