Warzone Player turns into a plane mid-tournament and the pros aren’t happy

While many enjoy the Call of Duty series purely as a hobby, its tournaments are considerable and bring a lot of talent. While Call of Duty: War Zone has seen tournaments since its release in 2020, it hasn’t been a completely bug-free experience, and recent issues have Call of Duty with pros calling for postponement of future tournaments until a new issue is changed.

While Call of Duty: War Zone bugs come in many shapes and sizes, perhaps one of the most glaring yet. Rather than appearing in a random play, he knocked out in a tournament, seeing a competitor’s victory at the Gulag ruined when the game couldn’t decide whether it was a plane or d ‘a player.


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The problem hit hard when Buzro ran into him during a $ 75,000 Twitch Rivals Call of Duty: War Zone tournament. Video of the problem is now circulating on the internet, showing Buzro winning his fight in the Gulag and earning the right to re-enter the game. However, everything was thrown out once he appeared, ready to parachute. His character is briefly shown jumping, but is suddenly replaced by a crashing plane when Buzro tries to deploy his parachute. The game then shatters even more, repeatedly going back and forth between Buzro’s character and the plane, until he is nearly crashed to the ground. The only thing that saves her character from an abrupt end is the game crashing, which ultimately delayed the tournament.

Since the video gained attention, several Call of Duty: War Zone the pros have taken to social media to denounce the current state of the game. War zone the pros are asking that future tournaments be postponed until the game sees significant fixes rolled out. Skills in a game don’t match when the bugs in the game are actively undermining a player’s ability to survive, let alone win.

While this is a fairly large bug, unfortunately it is far from the first time that War zone had serious problems. Although the game is regularly updated, new bugs and achievements seem to be emerging all the time. Over the past week, players have reported skin exploits, bugs that cause sniper rifles to fire like semi-automatic weapons, and War zone players get killed before they even have a chance to start the match.

Right now, Call of Duty: War ZoneThe developer of has not yet directly addressed the problem with the aircraft. While this will likely be fixed in the days or weeks to come, it remains to be seen if more groundbreaking bugs will enter the fray afterwards.

Call of Duty: War Zone is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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