Uncharted 3’s cargo plane sequence comparison to the movie

After more than a decade of creative problems and revisions, the film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s Unexplored the series is almost here. Tom Holland’s portrayal of Nathan Drake will make his North American theatrical debut on February 18, assuming there are no more delays. While fans are right to be skeptical of any Hollywood adaptation of a beloved franchise, there’s reason to believe that PlayStation Productions’ biggest creation to date could run counter to a few trends. historical.


Having been in development for so long, it is hardly surprising that the Unexplored the film draws aspects of the entire franchise. Since the film was first considered, three main console sequels have received critical acclaim. One of the most notable examples is that Uncharted 3The sequence of the cargo plane was part of the adaptation. Throughout each of the trailers released so far, this setting has been in the foreground, suggesting that it will be as important to the movie as it is to the game. What’s interesting is that despite the fact that there are a lot of similar images on display, the two versions appear to be drastically different.

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Cargo plane passengers

unexplored youngdrake

During Sony’s recent CES presentation, the publisher provided a detailed look at the cargo plane footage. Even though some of the context for how the film reaches this point is missing, it’s still possible to compare the live-action adaptation with its famous video game counterpart. Because the film mixes several eras of the Naughty Dog franchise with its own new elements, the number of characters that end up on the cargo plane this time around is the most obvious difference.

While the in-game version of Drake is assisted in getting on the plane by Elena, throughout Uncharted 3In Chapter 17, the protagonist finds himself alone in front of Katherine Marlowe’s agents. In the Hollywood adaptation, Mark Wahlberg’s Sully and Sophia Ali’s Chloe are both present. The presence of the former is arguably the biggest deviation from the source material due to the fact that Drake is hiding on the plane in Mean dog game with the intention of saving his kidnapped mentor.

Instead of fighting anonymous British agents like Drake does in Uncharted 3airplane scene, the portrayal of Tom Holland also rubs shoulders with a named antagonist. Braddock, played by Tati Gabrielle, is actively seen attempting to eject the treasure hunters, presumably under orders from Antonio Banderas’ Moncada. These two villains are completely original and have never appeared in any of the games in the franchise either. During previous promotional trailers, Drake faced off against a Scottish character, which could also indicate that the mercenaries seen helping Braddock could be based on their gaming counterparts.

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In the cargo plane

The plane fight in Uncharted and Drake's Deception

Often with the Unexplored franchise, especially its PS3-era installments, it can be difficult to pin down a specific point in history when they take place. The cargo plane seen in the film is slightly more modern than the one created for Naughty Dog Uncharted 3. the Unexplored the film appears to be set in this day and age and lacks some of the early 2000s iconography used by the initial trilogy. During parts of the scene, when Drake and Chloe find themselves fighting mercenaries inside the cargo hold of the plane, the area appears physically smaller than the virtual area.

While it may seem like a harmless start at first, it ends up impacting the overall trajectory of the scene at several points. For starters, instead of being surrounded by trucks and military gear, Tom Holland’s Drake has to contend with simple packing cases and Moncada’s red Mercedes 300SL coupe. Before Drake is thrown into the air, the parts of the scene that take place on the plane are also changed. For the most part, the rhythms and action of the story, especially the parts featuring Chloe, are all completely original.

In Uncharted 3, Drake’s attempts to squeeze through the vehicle are foiled by one of the game’s great bullies. After a one-sided fist fight, the towering enemy attempts to pull the protagonist off the plane by lowering the ramp to the hold. In the Hollywood adaptation, the ramp is already lowered, and Tom Holland’s Drake actively initiates mayhem after Sully’s parachute escape. The fact that Sully seems to be in hiding at first, the presence of a map hanging from his neck, and the eventual capture of Chloe all suggest the trio were present on the plane in an attempt to steal information.

The section outside the plane

unexplored 3 movie comparison video

Thanks to the different items each plane holds, procedures continue to seem different as the two Drakes find themselves flying in the back of the vehicle. Instead of randomly reaching for the edge of a military truck, Tom Holland’s Drake finds his foot hung with yellow tape. Both versions of the character are able to re-board the plane following similar platform and shooting sections. Thanks to Chloe’s initiative and her attempts to steal the aforementioned Mercedes, the movie Drake doesn’t stay on the plane as long as its video game ancestor.

In Uncharted 3, a fight takes place between Drake and Marlowe’s agents before an explosion rips a hole in the side of the plane’s hull. Meanwhile, Tom Holland shouts one of the character’s famous catchphrases as he is thrown from the plane thanks to Chloe’s Mercedes. This sequence demonstrates one of the other big differences between the two interpretations of the scene. As the video game encounter takes place over the Rub al Khali desert, the cinematic version of the cargo plane instead flies over a tropical location reminiscent of Unexplored 4.

Unexplored is scheduled to hit theaters on February 18, 2022.

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