UK citizens choose to travel to Europe by train rather than plane, survey finds

The majority of British citizens choose the train rather than the plane to travel to Europe, which shows that the demand for environmentally friendly travel is showing a significant increase.

Such conclusions were drawn from the recent survey conducted by HS1 Ltd, reports

According to the HS1 Ltd survey, 80% of people in total think they will be traveling for business purposes this year as well as next year, showing that travel demand is growing.

So far, countries in the European Union have started to abolish the majority of the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus and its new strains, which has also affected the increase in demand for international travel.

The recent Opium Research survey of 1,000 UK workers, commissioned by HS1 Ltd, found that demand for eco-friendly travel has seen a noticeable increase.

According to the survey, two-thirds of respondents said they would choose the train over the plane, while 66% said they were likely to travel to Europe by train rather than plane for business. These figures marked a 77% increase for leisure passengers.

Respondents pointed out that the rapid spread of the coronavirus and its new strains has highlighted the need for more sustainable travel options.

The survey shows that four out of five respondents, or 81%, said they want their business to become greener by reducing their carbon footprint.

“We are extremely pleased to see that people are looking to return there for business and leisure and to take advantage of all of the UK’s travel options in 2022. It is also encouraging to see that people traveling for businesses are now thinking about their carbon footprint and looking for more environmentally friendly options whenever they can,” Dyan Crowther, CEO of HS1 Ltd, pointed out.

Additionally, other results showed that more than four in five respondents, or 84%, said they would be likely to choose more environmentally friendly transportation options if prompted by their employer.

European countries are continuously encouraging travelers to choose the train rather than the plane in order to reduce the carbon emissions caused by air travel.

Recently, two high-speed train companies, Eurostar and Thalys, came together to establish a train that will connect five countries in Europe from Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and the -Low.