Uber will soon allow UK users to book plane tickets: will SA follow suit?

A simple system for getting people from point A to point B has allowed Uber to somewhat monopolize the private taxi industry.

But the best part is that it’s not just in one country, but all over the world. That’s how you know you’ve come full circle as a brand, when people around the world know who you are and use your service every day.

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On that note, Uber recently announced plans to launch a service for UK users where they can book plane, train and coach tickets on the app.

It’s a smart and innovative way to stay up to date, while making a bold move to dominate as a one-stop transportation app for all types of travelers.

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“While Uber will not provide these services itself, it hopes the offering will create a ‘seamless experience’ for booking a wide range of travel options. Train and coach tickets, as well that car rental services will be available through multiple partners that will be fully integrated into the Uber app.” (Daily Mail)

So, the burning question on everyone’s mind – especially Uber die-hards: is Uber SA also planning to roll out this one-stop-shop, and if so, when can we expect to see it trialled?

Image courtesy of Unsplash website