Tribute to KiXSTAR added to the Presidential Plane map in Rainbow Six Siege — SiegeGG

Image via SiegeGG

According to a post by Ubisoft esports director Wei Yue, a tribute to iconic pitcher Michael “KiXSTAR” Stockley has been added to the Presidential Plane card.

One of KiXSTAR’s first viral moments came from this map. It landed a mechanically impressive ace of this specific piece in the game’s ranked playlist.

KiXSTAR was the first professional gamer to become a spellcaster, quickly becoming the voice of the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene. His knowledge, dry, straight-forward sense of humor, and analytical descriptions quickly became the soundtrack to Rainbow Six Siege competition for many fans.

Besides casting and playing professionally, KiXSTAR was one of the game’s biggest streamers. There wasn’t a single aspect of Rainbow Six Siege that KiXSTAR didn’t impact in some way. ‘another one.

Rainbow Six Siege in-game tribute to KiXSTAR

KiXSTAR died on October 11, 2021 in a car accident.

His loss was mourned by all corners of the wider Rainbow Six Siege community, and his absence is felt by those he has touched in his short 24 years to date.

In lieu of flowers, KiXSTAR’s family requested that donations be made to a local food bank under Michael’s name.