Three paper airplane models to get ahead in Red Bull Paper Wings.

Angles, cant, aerodynamics, lift, center and empennage. These are just a few critical factors to consider when packing the ultimate plane. And with Paper Wings 2022 on the horizon, it’s time to find how to align the elements to fold the ultimate paper planes!

paper wings

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In this article, we will offer you three proven designs each serving their own purpose. And by that, we mean that they all fit into each specific category to compete for Paper wings 2022.

So what do I need to fold these paper airplanes?

A little patience, maybe.

Red Bull Paper Wings

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For the oldie, the anti-hipster or the timeless competitor who wants nothing more than a minimalist design with maximum glide.

1 minute

Paper Wings #1 The Classic Folding School

The Classic has many variations, and it is also the basis from which the world record for the longest flight is broken. This design is formed from the idea that the center of the plane will have enough rotational weight to keep the plane from rocking and losing glide.

Category: Longest flight.

The Ring reminds us of the vehicles used in a movie shot in a galaxy not so far away. And to be honest, the way it glides through the air is nothing.

1 minute

Folding School of Paper Wings #2 The Ring

Not sure it will fly? Fold it and find out for yourself!

If you believe in the call of the wild and love the idea of ​​using nature’s own creations, then the bat is for you. A technical trick that will extract sweat from shaky hands and have you cursing a few too many times before the end. However, if done right, it’s worth it.

2 minutes

Paper Wings Folding School #3 The Bat

How do you know it’s folded correctly? It will flap its wings and take off after a good throw.

Let’s bend!

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So now you’ve got a few tutorials, you’ve got some explainers, and you’ve hopefully got a stack of papers just waiting to be folded up and in the air. But before that, here are some paper airplane hacks you should know about.

If you want to get the most out of your flight, make sure your grip on the paper plane is slightly behind its center of weight. A common misconception is holding a paper airplane up front for unclear reasons. If you’re smart, you’ll leave it that way while you reap the rewards of throwing like a pro.

Don’t be afraid to adapt.

Do you feel that your plane is good, but not as good as it could be? Try a wider span or add curves to your wings.

Throwing a paper airplane is a skill, and skills require training to learn. Go out and throw a lot!

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