They were kicked out of a plane for wearing a thong as a mask

A passenger on a United Airlines flight, who wore a red thong over his face as a mask, was forced to disembark before taking off in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Local media reported on Thursday (December 16th). The 38-year-old told local NBC2 that he wanted to show “absurdityIt is a rule that requires the wearing of a mask to protect themselves from Covid-19 on planes while allowing passengers to take them off to eat and drink.

Video of Wednesday’s incident, filmed by another passenger, shows the crew telling them that they will not be able to stay on the plane if they put their seat belts over their faces. After the discussion, the man finally left his seat and resigned.

Compare Rosa Parks

In his interview on NBC2, he compared himself to the African-American Rosa Parks, symbol of the struggle for civil rights in the United States who refused in 1955 to give way to a white man on a bus. The laws in force at the time. “Every change in this country has been made by ordinary people“He explained seriously. “Rosa Parks was not famous. You have changed the course of history.

The customer clearly did not comply with the federal obligation to wear a mask and we are grateful to our crew for fixing the problem on the ground prior to take off and avoiding any potential turbulence in the air.United Airlines responded in a statement sent to the local press.

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