The pilot gives the finger to the plane geeks

Carefully fly his plane to annoy someone

A pilot from Bellingham, Canada, let netizens part after using their flight path to flip the bird at netizens following his plane.

The sky doodle first appeared on Flight Aware, a website that tracks the journey of almost any aircraft. This flight map was also shared on Reddit in a post titled “Looks like a survey pilot’s last day today”.

Since sharing them, Internet users have marveled at the pilot’s know-how and level of detail.

On Reddit, one user wrote: “As a former survey pilot this is definitely something that would happen at the end of a contract.” Another said: “It’s a fantastic tactical move.”

A third added: “Looks like he was coming in to land and was delayed by air traffic control so he drew a middle finger at them. If you look he was initially heading for landing when he then came back,” while a fourth commented, “A legend in aviation.”

According Newsweek, the plane took off from Bellingham International Airport in Washington State, USA. In less than seven hours, the pilot made a number of tight zigzags through northern Whatcom County and British Columbia airspace, before returning and touching down in Bellingham.

The pilot’s identity was not released, however, the aircraft’s tail number – N59906 – indicated that it was a twin-piston Piper Navajo (PA31) registered to Marc. in Mississippi, which is North America’s largest supplier of contract aircraft and flight crew for airborne Geographic Information System (GIS) projects, survey and surveillance.