The incredible story of the meeting between Úrsula Corberó and Madonna on a plane

rsula Corberó was a special guest on Tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon. The Spanish star spoke to Jimmy about her acting career, which took off around the world after her famous Tokyo character in the Netflix series Money theft. After discussing his huge success, Fallon asked him “Who were you most surprised to hear about being a fan of yours?” “… and the answer left him speechless, as she replied,” Wow! I would say Madonna. Yes, the “Queen of Pop” is a fan of Úrsula’s work. But how did Ursula know and meet her? The 32-year-old actress has revealed that it all happened on a flight to Madrid.

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Úrsula Corberó at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Corberó shared all the details of how this unexpected face-to-face encounter with Madonna left her speechless. That’s a beautiful story. “I was returning to Madrid and made a stopover in London. When I got on the plane I went to the bathroom and when I got back to my seat I saw Madonna, “said the Spanish actress.” I saw when Madonna turned to me and made eye contact with me. And suddenly she walked over to me, maintaining eye contact. She walked over to my seat and put one of her legs on my seat to tie her shoes on and said “Hey, hi”.

She said she was so shocked that she couldn’t believe it … rsula gasped, and left the singer to Like a virgin keep talking. “Sorry, I just wanted to let you know that I’m a huge fan of you. I love Money Heist. Tokyo is my favorite character, ”Madonna said.

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Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo, her character in Money Heist