Sunwing party plane passengers sacked, face further repercussions at home

Some of the passengers on Sunwing’s now infamous “party plane” on December 30 will be returning home to disgruntled employers or worse, with at least two already laid off.

Frédérique Dumas-Joyal is one of them, losing her job for several years at the Autorité des marchés financiers du Québec, the AMF.

“She was fired,” Sylvain Théberge, an AMF spokesperson, said on Friday.

“The situation demanded it.

Dumas-Joyal was an information officer in authority. According to her LinkedIn page, she started working there in 2017, and she also studied law at Laval University.

She also worked a few years previously in the hospitality industry and is a popular figure in the Quebec social media world, with an Instagram page showing parties including, this week, exploits in Tulum, Mexico, with the group of other influencers and television. stars who flew there on a charter flight.

A photo of Dumas-Joyal circulated showing her wearing a bright red stretchy triangular fabric on her face during the trip, appearing to be underwear, in place of a mask.

She deleted her Instagram account between Wednesday and Friday of this week and could not be reached for comment.

Théberge explained his dismissal in more detail to other media, saying that “the Authority learned with amazement the facts surrounding one of its employees. We completely dissociate ourselves from his actions and deplore the events that have taken place. “

Most of the group of around 150 people remain in Mexico, with Canadian airlines barring them from purchasing return flights, saying they pose a risk to passenger safety.

Some have contracted COVID-19 and are self-isolating in Mexico, and a small number have managed to return to Quebec.


Dumas-Joyal is not the only one facing real consequences after the publication of videos and photos of the theft showing people drinking and partying in the aisles without masks.

Sutton-Quebec confirmed to CTV News on Friday that real estate agent Karl Bernard has been suspended “without the possibility of reinstatement”.

The agency’s CEO said the company had “no choice but to take immediate action” as soon as it was made aware of the situation.

“The Sutton brand and the professionals behind the brand cannot endorse or be associated with any deviant or dangerous behavior,” CEO Julie Gaucher wrote in a statement.

“It is unfortunate that a person’s lack of judgment and disrespect can jeopardize the reputation of a brand … which we have proudly built from scratch for 27 years, and tarnish the reputation of our brokers Sutton and our franchisees, which can in no way be associated with this kind of behavior. “

Two of the young women on the trip are also aspiring pilots and frequently post articles about their training in Longueuil and Lachute, respectively. Transport Canada says it is investigating whether this week’s events could affect their certification.

Several personalities from the mainstream media were also present, including people who took part in two Quebec reality shows, Occupation Double and L’Ile de L’Amour.

A spokesperson for L’Ile de L’Amour, broadcast on TVA, said the three women who appeared in season 1 and who are involved in Sunwing’s predicament are not scheduled to participate in the next season and that the The show no longer has any links with them. .

“The association with all of the Season 1 Islanders is complete and over, including the three ex-Islanders involved in the Sunwing flight,” said Junior Bombardier spokesperson.