Someone ‘hacked’ an airplane’s intercom and made ‘orgasm noises’ the entire flight

Several people on social media reported hearing mysterious moans and screams coming from the intercom system during their flight with no indication of where they came from.

“Weirdest robbery ever,” Emerson Collins wrote in the caption of a TikTok video he posted on Thursday.

In the video, a man’s voice can be heard over the intercom moaning, screaming, and vocalizing in what Collins called “somewhere between an orgasm and vomiting.”

The noises continued throughout the Collins flight.

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Although the TikToker thought the sounds could have come from a passenger on board the flight, he later said no one, including the flight crew, knew where it was coming from.

In his video, a flight attendant went on speakerphone to talk about the “extremely irritating sound” and said the cockpit was trying to fix it.

However, even after landing, no one knew where it came from.

Strangely, Collins’ experience was not unique as other people on Twitter shared a similar anomaly on their flights

Earlier this week a Twitter user describes a similar experience experienced by a passenger aboard an American Airlines flight.

Currently on AA1631 and someone is still hacking into the AP and making moans and screams the flight attendants are standing by their phones because it’s not them and the captain just walked in and told us they don’t think the flight systems were compromised so we’ll end the flight to DFW,” the tweet read.

According to the Twitter user, flight attendants were standing by each phone to make sure no passengers were making the noise themselves, but it kept happening.

Some have speculated that the mysterious moans could be from someone hacking into the intercom system, but people have expressed doubts about this possibility.

We contacted American Airlines for comment.

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