Single-engine plane rocks in upstate New York after takeoff

No serious injuries were reported after a small single-engine plane rolled over and landed in an upstate New York lake.

The incident happened just before noon Sunday as the plane attempted to take off near Northampton Campground in Fulton County, according to state police. It appears the Maule MX-7 was hit by a strong gust of wind as it began to climb, causing the plane to plummet into Sacandaga Lake and flip over in shallow water, police said.

The area where the crash occurred is about 75 miles east of Utica.

The pilot is identified as Matthew Clemente, 66, of Troy, NY. He and one of his passengers reported no injuries. A second passenger on the plane was injured, but the injuries are not considered life-threatening, the soldiers said.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been contacted about the incident and is reviewing it, police said.

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