Scoot pilot delays plane landing in Changi after passengers refuse to fasten seat belts

SINGAPORE — A group of unruly passengers on a Scoot flight who refused to fasten their seatbelts as they descended from the plane delayed their landing in Singapore on Monday.

Flight TR285 from Bali was approaching Changi Airport but the pilot chose to abort the landing because of the passengers.

In a video of the incident uploaded to TikTok, the pilot is heard explaining his decision on the public address system.

“We have decided to abort the approach to Singapore Changi Airport…because I have been informed that we still have passengers who are not seated with their seat belts properly fastened,” he said. -he declares.

“We are not legally able to land a plane if the cabin is not secure.”

Video later shows auxiliary police officers boarding the plane after it landed to escort several passengers.

A Scoot spokesperson said the flight was able to land safely on the second approach and the unruly passengers involved were escorted off the plane by airport authorities for further investigation.

“For passenger safety during flight, all passengers should be seated and have their seat belts securely fastened for take-off and landing, or until the seat belt signal has been turned off,” a she declared.

“The well-being of our customers and staff is our priority, and we do not tolerate behavior that compromises flight safety. Scoot will take appropriate action against any passenger who may endanger the safety of our customers and staff. »

Disembarkation was delayed about 30 minutes.