Ryanair urges Belarus to ensure no hijackings happen again – The Organization for World Peace

On Monday January 31, the Irish airline Ryanair called on Belarus to guarantee that there would be no repeat of the forced landing committed in May 2021. The forced landing occurred due to an alert bomb that forced the plane to land in Minsk. . Once the plane landed, a Belarusian dissident journalist who was on board and his companion were arrested. After further investigation, a United Nations report released on January 17, 2022 found that the bomb threat was a hoax, and Belarus is responsible for failing to accurately report to the United Nations investigation team. United.

Manipulating the situation to arrest the journalist on board prompted Ryanair’s CEO to issue a statement on an investor call in which he said: “I think it is fundamental to the future of air travel that we let’s not have a repeat of what in my mind was the first case since the Chicago Convention of 1945 of an act of state-sponsored international piracy. Ryanair has received support from Western powers such as the United States, which have accused Belarusian officials of air piracy. However, O’Leary believes that this is not enough and that the UN and the United States “could have gone further…” There should be no overflights of Belarus unless we obtain appropriate guarantees that will not happen again.

As Reuters reported, Belarus believes it acted in accordance with international standards and blamed the increased sanctions on a personal attack on its president, Alexander Lukashenko. Belarus has been under his authoritarian presidency for 27 years since 1994, leading many Western powers to view his presidency as a dictatorship. Lukashenko has a general disregard for democratic standards and pays little or no attention to human rights abuses in his country. Due to his ideological outlook, Western powers disagreed with his leadership style. Belarus is using the West’s hatred of Lukashenko to excuse recently imposed sanctions and charges.

The traditional US response to conflicts involving hard power through economic sanctions has been the response to this situation. Just as O’Leary said, there is more than can be done. Currently, the The UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has asked its investigative team to “continue to try to establish the missing facts and report any further findings”, the agency said in a statement. a statement,” as Reuters reported. This is a good first step in resolving the conflict and in fully assessing the situation. However, with the focus on US hard power, the “Diplomatic action is ignored. If the United States paid equal attention to using multilateral organizations such as the UN to enhance communication, all parties would benefit.”

The added third creates a barrier between Belarus and the United States, so there is less chance that Belarus can blame the United States for unfairly attacking the character of their president. This would allow for more effective communication on the issue of air piracy without the conflicting ideologies of the two political leaders. The use of multilateral organizations also allows specialists in a certain area, such as ICAO, to focus on the issue, while the exclusive use of two-way communication loses the additional expertise of niche groups. Overall, multilateral organizations can speed up the process and push Belarus to accept an event like.