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Commercial flight has many pitfalls.

There’s the experience of airport security to contend with, as well as airport crowds, flight rage, and being in a tight space with people who may have a tendency to misbehave.

Not everyone can afford the luxury of a private plane, but you can clearly see how attractive it is.

The privileged private traveler is protected from other passengers, but they can also skip the queues and essentially board and take off as they please.

Most of the time, they don’t even set foot in the terminal, being driven to the plane’s door in a limo where they’re greeted with a glass of champagne before settling into a plush, reclining chair. .

You get the picture.

It’s not that :

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The fact that private jets continued to fly during the COVID-19 pandemic, while commercial airlines were grounded, meant that the use of private planes really exploded.

2021 was a record for the industry, according to the BBC:

Last year there were 3.3 million such flights worldwide, the most on record, according to aviation data research firm Wingx. This figure was 7% higher than the previous record of 2019, with the United States and Europe leading the growth.

Ian Moore, chief commercial officer of private aircraft company, VistaJet, further:

The Malta-based global company has 73 aircraft, and Mr Moore says customer demand rose 26% last year in Europe and 21% for the rest of the world.

He adds that 71% of the firm’s incoming requests come from passengers who were not previously regular users of private aviation.

Private flights are in such demand that some companies are running out of planes and struggling to produce more to keep up.

Then there’s also the issue of fuel, which as we all know has seen prices skyrocket beyond affordability for most.

The disadvantage of private air transport is that it has a considerable impact on the environment:

They are five to 14 times more polluting than commercial airlines per passenger, according to the Transport & Environment campaign group for cleaner transport.

Anna Hughes, director of Flight Free UK agrees, saying that now more than ever we need to ask ourselves if private jets are a suitable means of transport:

“No offset system can compensate for the huge emissions associated with a private flight. Trees take a long time to grow, but flight emissions are immediate. The most reliable way to reduce flight emissions is still the simplest: fly less.

“Being able to fly in a private jet is a huge privilege, and as humanity faces the climate crisis, we should use our privilege to do no harm to others.”

Yeah, it’s nice to travel without the usual hassle or be able to move your precious pet a safe and secure flight with you, but it doesn’t seem so durable.

At least that’s my excuse.