Police call on TUI to ‘get away from hell’ after plane was diverted to another airport

A TUI passenger has told how holidaymakers endured a ‘flight from hell’ after their plane ‘bounced’ off the runway and was diverted to another airport.

Police were then called as passengers became ‘abusive’ while waiting for the grounded plane.

The passengers were on a flight from Cape Verde to Bristol – but found themselves in a 12-hour delay ordeal, Birmingham Live reports.

The plane was initially delayed for several hours before takeoff.

The flight then descended to 800ft before ascending once more, but passengers on board said they landed on the Bristol runway before departing.

Passengers were also stuck on the plane for two hours on the Birmingham runway as passengers became furious and airport police were called.

The plane was inspected to see if it could return to Bristol on June 8. But the long wait has led people to complain. A man was escorted off the plane.

When a pregnant woman needed medical attention, paramedics treated her on board. The passengers were then told they would not be returning to Bristol and left the plane to be taken back to Bristol by bus.

TUI said the plane was diverted from Bristol due to “weather conditions”, but passenger James Hendy disputes this.

The 39-year-old, from Oldbury, said: “It had nothing to do with the weather. There was no adverse weather. It was clear. And if so, why did we bounced off the ground?

“It was classified as a security issue. And we were 12 hours late in Bristol as we landed in Birmingham. Unacceptable. Escape from hell – yes.

“A three hour delay to Sal, then diverted to Birmingham from Bristol. Police came to the flight to evacuate a member of the public and a woman in need of medical attention.

“Two hours on a plane to Birmingham, then two hours in the terminal waiting for luggage to catch the bus back to Bristol for another two hours. And TUI only offer compensation for a three hour delay.”

Another passenger said: “We absolutely bounced off the runway into the sky causing a system error. Before landing the captain said it would be bouncy due to the length of the tarmac. We took a shortcut, I flew in and out of full Bristol and thought ‘where are we going?’

“We descended and the plane honestly felt like it had smashed the tarmac, then we climbed back up into the air. The captain said that was normal and he was going to try again.

“We made a big turn and then he announced that a system error had occurred,” she added. “Honestly, it was scary. I landed in Canada in ice and snow, but it was ‘bouncing, bouncing’.”

A TUI spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that TOM245 from Sal, Cape Verde, to Bristol was diverted to Birmingham on June 7 due to weather conditions at Bristol Airport. Our crew offered all the possible support during the flight before everyone is safely disembarked.

“We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers on board. The safety and well-being of passengers and crew is always our top priority and we would like to thank passengers for their patience and understanding.”

It is understood that all customers have been proactively contacted with a link on how to claim their compensation which is calculated based on flight delay time.

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