Plane passengers received an in-flight performance from a choir – but no one is impressed

A CHOIR has gone viral after performing a song during a flight – but nobody seems to be happy about it.

Footage has emerged online of the Stellenbosch University Choir giving passengers an in-flight performance of Bright Blue’s song Weeping.


The choir sang Bright Blue’s song Weeping to fellow passengers on the planeCredit: Reddit/Superjase

The choir members represent a large number of passengers on the plane and all join in, singing the song in harmony, as their leader stands in the aisle and conducts.

While their seemingly spontaneous act was no doubt meant to bring joy to their fellow travelers, netizens were much less pleased with it.

The footage was shared on Reddit, where several people, including a number of flight attendants, said they wouldn’t be happy for it to happen on board their flights.

One of them simply said, “This is my nightmare.”

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Another agreed and suggested desperate measures to end the performance early.

They said, “You just have to crash the plane and it will stop.”

Even people enjoying the musical performances weren’t impressed.

One said, “I love singing performances and I love flying, I don’t like them together. It would destroy my nerves.”

Someone else said, “My noise canceling headphones would turn on instantly.”

The choir is not the only one to have attempted a performance in the air.

A Ryanair flight attendant offered passengers a rendition of Despacito, which he sang over the plane’s public address system.

Meanwhile, an AirAsia cabin crew member was filmed performing the dance from Britney Spears’ Toxic video on a plane.

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This passenger entertained people after their flight was delayed with a song on the airport terminal’s public address system.

A flight attendant even gave Shakira a version of one of her songs in the air.

The choirmaster stood up and led the singers down the aisle


The choirmaster stood up and led the singers down the aisleCredit: Reddit/Superjase