Plane migrating to Martha’s Vineyard draws divided reaction from Pols

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took credit for transporting dozens of apparent asylum seekers, many from Venezuela, to Martha’s Vineyard from Texas on Wednesday without notifying the state government or officials. island officials.

Politicians across the state had mixed reactions. Democrats, on the whole, called the move a deliberately cruel political coup.

Republican politicians viewed the moment as a simple matter of the state getting what it demanded.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl posted the following in response:

“We have a crisis on America’s southern border. It is a humanitarian crisis, a public security crisis, a public health crisis and a national security crisis all rolled into one. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has proven unwilling and unable to deal with it. As a result, the states of our country are faced with an influx of illegal immigrants that they are not equipped to handle and should not be forced to accommodate. When this happens, governors naturally look for alternatives to protect the people of their state.

Last night, this problem manifested itself with the relocation of several dozen illegal immigrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard.

I applaud the folks at Martha’s Vineyard who immediately sprang into action to remedy this situation as it unfolded. I also lament the fact that a motivating factor in Florida’s decision to relocate immigrants here is that Massachusetts has become a “sanctuary state,” making it a natural destination. Policies like licensing illegal immigrants, a policy openly embraced by my opponent Maura Healey, undermine public safety, public health and the electoral integrity of our state. Instead of making it easier for illegal immigrants to come here, we need policies that will allow legal immigrants to choose Massachusetts as a destination to pursue a better life for themselves and their families. As Governor, I will fight for such policies here, while staying tough on the issue of illegal immigration and pushing for better federal management of this issue.

The Republican nominee for Attorney General, Cape Cod Attorney Jay McMahon, posted the following:

“Maura Healey and Andrea Campbell have been welcoming illegal immigrants to Massachusetts for years, why now would anyone be surprised?” said Jay McMahon, candidate for Massachusetts attorney general. “These two act as if we are already a ‘sanctuary state’.”

“If you think for a moment that the progressives of Martha’s Vineyard are going to harbor these illegals for a very long time, you are wrong! After the blanket and juice box distribution photo ops, these “guests” will be shipped to communities that already bear the burden of illegal immigration, such as Springfield, Brockton, Fall River, Lawrence and Lowell. says McMahon.

“The Biden administration’s open border policies, combined with my opponent’s radical progressive thinking, is a combination that endangers our public safety. God forbid Maura Healey or my opponent are elected because you can be sure they will give these people permanent status, driver’s licenses and the right to vote. When I am elected, I will fight every day for our law-abiding citizens of Massachusetts to ensure that our public safety and all of our rights come first! »

State Senator Julian Cyr, who represents the island, said the following in an interview with the Hearld:

Just after 3 p.m., two planes landed with migrant families, just under 50 children included. It was a coordinated effort. It seems that they were misled, that they were actually doctored by some clues.

What we focused on on the island was first and foremost making sure they were cared for safely, with dignity and respect. The island pulled itself together, put up shelter in a way what we would do for a northeast or a hurricane. Once they found a safe place to sleep we made sure they were fed and offered them breakfast this morning.

We are trying to figure out what the next steps are, but this is an unprecedented situation on the island. Martha’s Vineyard is a small island. People know the island in the summer when it’s busy, but it’s a working class rural community and now they show the best of island hospitality. Those responsible for the island have been there since the beginning.

Nothing has been told to anyone in Massachusetts about this as far as I know. No official has been notified. We are used to emergencies, but usually with a Nor’Easter there is a day or two to plan.
At 3:40 p.m. we had people who needed services. The people of the island have really left no stone unturned to do so.

It is clear that most of these people are Venezuelans. They were in a shelter in San Antonio.

I spoke to a number of them who said they were approached by a woman named Perla who made a series of promises and commitments. Traveling with her, signing papers for accommodation, basically she recruited these people to fly on planes not knowing where they were going. One woman said she felt like she had been kidnapped. Moving people without their will or consent or without knowing where they are going looks like trafficking.

Ron DeSantis takes credit for it, but the planes originated in Texas, but there are still some real questions about who’s behind it.

There are going to be very difficult legal questions about these activities.

It was a coordinated and very cruel ruse that manipulates families in search of a better life. Really a shame that some people in our politics want to capitalize on these families to concoct a political coup. If other states need help from Massachusetts, you do it cooperatively.

All this effort was a stunt. It’s not about helping border communities. This is to create a political coup for the national tension.

Governor Charlie Baker released the following Thursday afternoon:

“On behalf of the Commonwealth, I thank everyone on the ground who quickly came together to provide assistance at the vineyard. The Commonwealth has many resources to help people arriving in Massachusetts with different immigration statuses and needs and is working with all partners involved to ensure these resources are available for migrants who arrived last night. Additionally, the Baker-Polito administration is planning to set up temporary shelter and humanitarian services at Joint Base Cape Cod and will share additional information as it becomes available.