Pilots’ minds will read the aircraft of the future

Who knows a clear example of how technological progress continues to amaze the world? future plane Which will apparently read pilots’ minds.

It is designed so that the aircraft is able to detect when pilots are not feeling well and cannot control it, so it uses an automated system.

future storm plane

it is future plane Under development in the UK, a fighter jet that would be part of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS).

storm plane

In fact, the Ministry of Defense of this country has contributed $347 million with companies such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, MBDA and Leonardo; All so that they contribute to the development of the sixth generation of the Tempest.

with that future aircraft, Britain wants to replace the fighters currently in service. One technology that has been researched for inclusion is artificial intelligence (AI), which can help pilots.

This AI will be used in critical moments when the pilot has trouble controlling the plane. This technology, which apparently reads the pilot’s mind, would use sensors mounted in the user’s helmet.

These sensors will inform the AI ​​of the pilot’s brain signals, psychometric and biometric data, and thus determine whether it is necessary to control the ship’s weapons as well.


This system is practical, especially in cases where the pilot is at risk of losing consciousness. Since he prevents an accident from happening in which he can lose his life and also affect other people.

is actually future plane It is under development, so many of its features are undisclosed. But apparently it promises to be a great innovation for the British Navy.