Passengers upset after discovering seats don’t exist when boarding

Imagine, for a moment, that you pay for a flight and find that the seats you paid for do not exist after boarding the plane. Well, that’s exactly what happened to at least eight London passengers heading to Dublin on Ryanair.

In a now-viral online video, passengers are seen standing in the back of the plane confused about their seats.

“So everyone here has paid for the seats… And we’re stuck in the back of the plane,” Gerry Harrington explains in the video.

Harrington says airline staff told seatless passengers the flight was overbooked, but he didn’t buy the excuse.

“No, they sent a smaller plane,” he adds.

Trip canceled

Instead of heading to Ireland for the weekend, the 62-year-old was forced to cancel his trip as there was no room for him on the plane.

Harrington was seated in row 35, but the plane did not climb until row 33.

Passengers were reportedly offered around $450 for compensation, accommodation and a seat on the first flight the following day. Harrington believes that a full refund and compensation are due after missing a football match.

“There was no point in traveling the next day because we missed the tournament we were playing,” he said.

This is not a first for Ryanair

After his viral posts, more and more people started telling similar or different Ryanair horror stories.

“[This] happened to me in July,” one person wrote. “[I] I can’t believe this is still happening.

“It’s typical of Ryanair,” said another. “Never any communication.”

In a statement to Daily MailRyanair has confirmed passengers were left behind due to an airline change and transferred to another flight the following day.

“Affected passengers have been accommodated overnight and will receive compensation,” an airline spokesperson told the outlet.

“Ryanair sincerely apologizes to these passengers for any inconvenience caused.”

As for Harrington, he says the chaotic incident could have been avoided if the airline had communicated properly.

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