Orbx launches Brisbane for X-Plane 12

Orbx has released its first airport for X-Plane 12. The latest version, Brisbane Airport is an upgrade from the original version on X-Plane 11 which is free for all current customers.

The new version/upgrade takes full advantage of the new technology found in Laminar Research’s next-generation flight simulation. The airport will feel much more alive now, with the introduction of “living landscape technology” which is performance friendly, but allows Orbx to easily add new animated objects. This includes things like an animated monorail, ground vehicles and more.

Orbx also takes full advantage of new technology in the simulation, with upgraded models for various parts of Brisbane, improved texturing and an updated mesh to better represent the airport accurately. The GA areas in particular have seen improvements with smaller details like picnic benches, vegetation and more added to improve the overall experience.

In addition to all of these improvements in the X-Plane 12 release, Orbx has also updated the airport for current X-Plane 11 users.

If you already own Brisbane, you can download the update for free via Orbx Central. However, if you want to acquire it for the first time, you can buy it from Orbx for $28.96 AUD.

Future Orbx projects with X-Plane 12

Following the release of the new upgrade for Brisbane, Orbx has also confirmed some of its plans to work on X-Plane 12 in the future. Currently, a lot of work is underway to bring their current product catalog to X-Plane 12, with TrueEarth products on their priority list. It may take some time for Orbx to figure out how to take full advantage of the new technology. New products are also coming to X-Plane 12.

In terms of price, this will likely vary from product to product depending on the cost of the upgrade. As mentioned, this update for Brisbane is free, but future products may incur upgrade fees, which will depend on the amount of work required.

You can read more about their plans on their forums.