No migrant planes at Georgetown airport, but officials are preparing nonetheless | Recent news

GEORGETOWN, De. – No aircraft carrying migrants arrived at Delaware’s coastal airport on Tuesday.

There was widespread speculation that a plane traveling from Texas to Delaware via Florida would have migrants on board, as it was the same plane used by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to ferry around 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts the last week.

But that flight’s arrival at Georgetown Airport was canceled on Tuesday afternoon.

Georgetown Mayor Bill West, whose city is nearly one-third Latino, said migrants would be treated with compassion.

“I’m upset that this country has decided to go this route. Yeah, Texas doesn’t have room for them, they’re burning out and it’s affecting communities,” he said.

“Our people in Georgetown are concerned about overcrowding in homes right now. What’s it going to do with more people coming in? And it’s not fair to us, it’s not fair to the people. other states that have to take people,” he continued.

Joe Harrison, who lives in Lewes, does not want this community to play a role in the national immigration debate.

“I’m not in favor of using these people as political pawns, but I think there’s enough blame to bypass both sides in terms of fixing the whole immigration system,” he said. Harrison said.

Rehoboth Beach officials, like those in Georgetown, say assistance will be provided to all migrants if they arrive.

Delaware Governor John Carney said the Delaware Emergency Management Agency will work to help all migrants.