New York man arrested for disturbances on the plane | News

A New York man was arrested in St. Thomas after police say he caused an intoxicated disturbance on a plane at King Airport, according to a probable cause fact sheet filed by VI Police.

Terry D’Or, 35, of Jamaica, NY, has been charged with two counts of interfering with an officer and one count of disturbing the public order.

The incident happened on Wednesday when police were dispatched to a Delta plane at Gate 4 of King Airport and made contact with Delta’s station manager, who said a passenger was in drunk and had to be evacuated, according to the fact sheet.

When officers boarded the plane, D’Or was in the bathroom, and officers confronted him and informed him that he had to leave. He pulled up to where his friend was sitting and physically resisted the officers, gripping the seats tightly, police said.

D’Or lost his balance and fell to the ground, and police held him by the arms and helped escort him as he staggered out of the plane, according to the fact sheet. .

As the police helped him up, D’Or stepped forward and shouted to the police, “God will come for you. You must respond to God. You walk me around like a slave,” according to the fact sheet.

Police said they could smell alcohol coming from D’Or’s breath and he lunged, knocking his friend’s camera out of his hands, “causing it to fall to the ground and shatter “, according to the fact sheet. Police escorted D’Or away from the plane and he “knelt down and placed his left arm in the air with a clenched fist”, before refusing to move again, saying “I don’t I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going out like this.

D’Or rolled onto his back and continued to resist until an officer drew a Taser, and D’Or eventually stood up and continued to resist as officers handcuffed him, according to the information sheet. On the way to the hospital for a COVID-19 test, police said D’Or “repeatedly kicked the door and ceiling of the unit, banged his head against the cage and screamed”.

After being processed, D’Or deposited $1,000 and was released. He appeared in court for his rights advisory hearing on Monday, where Territorial Public Defender Mary Ann Matney said he was staying in St. Thomas on business.

D’Or has no prior contact with the criminal justice system and “he’s an independent influencer and he has an MBA in finance,” Matney said.

Magistrate Judge Paula Norkaitis agreed to lower bail to $500 and granted him permission to return to New York while the case is pending.

Delta Air Lines has asked the Department of Justice to help create a nationwide no-fly list of those found guilty of unruly behavior on an aircraft so they can be grounded on any commercial airline .

Delta CEO Ed Bastian, in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland last week, asked for DOJ support in the “necessary step” of a full list of “anyone found guilty of an onboard disturbance.” “. Inclusion on the list should prevent them from traveling by commercial air, he said.

In the letter, a copy of which was provided to USA TODAY and was first reported by Reuters, Bastian said such a list “will help prevent future incidents and serve as a strong symbol of the consequences of non-compliance.” instructions for crew members on commercial flights”. plane.”

However, the rate of unruly passenger incidents has dropped about 50% since record highs in early 2021, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. So far in 2022, the FAA has received 323 reports of unruly passengers, including 205 related to face masks.

The FAA can fine unruly passengers up to $37,000 per violation, and one incident can result in multiple violations. The agency imposed over $1 million in fines on problem passengers in 2021.