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New E-4B simulator will help train Air Force doomsday plane pilots closer to Offutt AFB

LA VISTA, Neb. (WOWT) – Some call it “the doomsday plane” – it’s crucial to the defense of our nation, a kind of war room in the sky.

If there is a national emergency, or if a ground command center is destroyed, that is where key decisions will be made.

“It exists to be a node of command and control and communication between the forces on the ground and our senior leadership,” said Major General Andrew Gebara, commander of the Eighth Air Force.

The pilots who fly it are highly specialized.

“The 747 that the E-4B is based on is a very large aircraft. It has a very important mission. It’s an incredibly expensive aircraft to operate because of all the capabilities it provides for the defense of our country. said Dan Marticello, President and CEO of CymSTAR.

Previously, pilots – all based at Offutt Air Force Base – had to travel to Florida to train for three weeks each month. But this simulator was for the 747, which is not capable of doing everything an E-4B can do.

Now, this one-of-a-kind simulator brings that specialized training close to the pilots’ home base: The CymSTAR Center is in La Vista. It helps pilots prepare for any scenario they may encounter in the sky.

“You can do things in a simulator that you would never intentionally do in an airplane. You can shut down the engines. You can have failing mechanical systems or hydraulic systems and then you can learn what you need to do to bring that airplane back. home safely,” Marticello said.

The $9 million system is the first element of change and modernization of the operation of the United States Air Force.

“Beyond the E4 crews, this is extremely important for the entire 8th Air Force. Your 8th Air Force is at the beginning of a very large modernization plan. We are bringing a new bomber: the B-21, which will soon be We are modernizing our B-52 force and bringing in key new weapons,” Maj. Gen. Gebara said.

The E-4B has the ability to be refueled in flight.

This new simulator helps train pilots to do that too.

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