! Murcia Today – Judge rules military criminally responsible for deadly 2019 plane crash in La Manga

Publication date: 01/17/2022

Dangerous weather conditions and poor aircraft maintenance played a role in the Murcia plane crash

A military judge investigating the tragic death of a pilot after his plane crashed in the Mediterranean off La Manga has found serious clues that the Spanish Air Force may be ‘directly responsible’ of the accident.

A report filed by the defense team lists several factors that played a role in the fatal crash, including a lack of safety checks and reviews (especially since the plane was over 40 years old) , obsolete safety equipment and the absence of a radio altimeter system. capable of measuring the height of the aircraft above the terrain directly below. They also mention that the plane did not have a flight data recorder, or black box, on board.

However, the main reason for the accident is said to be that the military allowed the exercise to take place in unfavorable and even dangerous weather conditions. On the day of the crash, the forecast called for “heavy clouds at 2,000 feet,” which the defendants say could have led to the pilot becoming spatially disoriented, causing the crash.

The judge concluded that the weather conditions that day did not allow the aerial maneuver to be carried out safely and is investigating whether the pilot was informed of said conditions by the air force control tower.

Additionally, the judge has now called another pilot who was also flying a C101 aircraft on the morning of the incident to make an official statement. For now, all signs point to justice holding the Spanish army responsible for the accidental death of one of its own pilots.

Image: Archive