mike tyson: Weeks after Mike Tyson beat another passenger inside the plane, the boxing legend has a run-in with a fan

One person who never seems to be out of the news is Mike Tyson, as he was involved in another heated incident. After being filmed punching another passenger on a JetBlue flight, the boxer has been the subject of a lot of attention in recent days.

An enthusiastic fan invaded Iron Mike’s personal space as he visited a fight week event ahead of Oscar Valdez’s super featherweight championship match against Shakur Stevenson. It was only then that the boxing icon didn’t hit back, even though he didn’t seem happy.

Apparently, Tyson was seen walking through the backstage hallways and taking photos with a fan when a woman suddenly dashed over his shoulder and appeared to be trying to stick her finger in his face. Still showing his quick hands, Tyson stepped out of the way and looked down at the woman. As Tyson and his team continued on their way, the camera zoomed out to show the girl standing there, terrified.

When Mike Tyson was filmed punching a passenger on a flight

It came just weeks after Tyson was filmed assaulting plane passenger Melvin Townsend III, which allegedly angered the boxer. The event happened just before a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida. According to the police, they were summoned after the incident in San Francisco as the plane was about to take off. They spoke with two men who remained anonymous and were both released.

Luckily, the woman in this new video didn’t have to deal with anything similar. However, boxing fans and Mike Tyson supporters weighed in on the matter in the comments area of ​​the YouTube video.

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