Manchester Airport: a “heroic” TUI pilot for loading CASES on the plane | United Kingdom | New

Passenger Jenny Cook said the hardworking co-pilot was showered with praise by passengers watching as he was filmed loading luggage onto the plane bound for Crete from Manchester Airport. The co-pilot’s heroic efforts come as more than 30,000 TUI passengers are set to see their flights from the airport canceled as staff shortages continue to plague the industry.

She told the BBC: “The next thing we knew we were taxing the track.

“We were all applauding. Simon had gone above and beyond.”

Another passenger called Simon “the hero of their holiday”.

Katherine Cox, from Warrington, Cheshire, told the Manchester Evening News“The crew and pilot on the flight were amazing.

“Simon was the hero of our vacation. We would have missed our air traffic control window.”

TUI also praised the co-pilot’s efforts, saying it shows the “incredible dedication” of its staff, who it says are doing “everything they can” to get customers off the ground and enjoying their holidays.

He added that he couldn’t “thank him enough” for his “quick and decisive actions”.

A company spokesperson said: “We are aware of videos shared on social media showing one of our amazing TUI pilots supporting our operation by loading bags onto one of our planes to Crete from Manchester on May 30, 2022.

“While not something our pilots would normally do, this video is an example of the incredible dedication of TUI colleagues who do everything they can to keep customers away while on vacation. We will never thank him enough for its quick and decisive actions, and we would like to thank all our teams who continue to demonstrate their hard work and commitment to TUI and its customers.

“We understand that we have disappointed some customers with the recent disruption, but we would like to reassure them that we are doing everything we can to keep them away while on vacation.”

Commenting on TUI’s recent difficulties, Manchester Airport Group said it understood the travel company’s “difficult decision to cancel a number of services”.

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A Manchester Airport spokesperson said: “Over the past few days, TUI and its designated station handler, Swissport, have experienced significant challenges with their check-in and baggage claim operations at Manchester Airport. Manchester Airport.

“From extensive discussions with the management teams of TUI and Swissport, it is clear that they are experiencing temporary staff shortages, like other aviation and travel companies.

“Given these challenges, we understand TUI’s difficult decision to cancel a number of services over the next month, although we are obviously disappointed to see passenger plans disrupted in this way.

“We will continue to work with TUI, Swissport and other partners to provide passengers with the best possible service as the travel industry recovers to full strength after the pandemic.

“In the meantime, we continue to advise passengers to arrive three hours before their flight and be as prepared as possible for their journey through the airport.”