Man who took off plane over Thong mask compares himself to Rosa Parks

A man who was kicked out of a robbery for wearing a thong as a face mask oddly compared himself to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

Adam Jenne, of Cape Coral, boarded a flight to Washington, DC last week and slipped red lingerie around his mouth to protest United Airline’s rules.

However, the stunt didn’t go very well with the cabin crew, who confronted Mr Jenne about his “mask” and fired him for refusing to comply with their regulations.

He said he had done this stunt before and was planning to do it again on other airlines.

But talking to WBBH, subsidiary of NBC, he said he hopes his little action will trigger something in America.

“Everything that sparked change in this country started with ordinary people. Rosa Parks was not famous. She changed the course of history,” he said.

Rosa Parks became an icon of the American civil rights movement when she refused to get up from her bus seat to make room for a white passenger.

Although she was not the first person to do so during racial segregation in America, she did help inspire more people to boycott the local bus service.

Eventually, it was declared that racial segregation on buses was unconstitutional and that it was a big step forward for people of color in America.

Credit: Alamy

However, a guy wearing a thong on his face because he doesn’t like the mask rule is an exaggerated comparison.

Jenne said he was prohibited from flying with United Airlines until the review of his case was completed.

He even claimed that other people followed him when he was escorted off the plane.

Mr Jenne said: “People started following, just dropping the plane off, maybe a dozen, something like that.”

But he said he was not put off by the treatment he received and that he was planning to do the same again.

He added: “I hope Spirit Airlines has a better sense of humor.”

In a statement on the incident, United Airlines said it was proud of the way its staff handled the situation.

An airline spokesperson said: “The client was clearly not in compliance with the federal mask mandate and we appreciate that our team addressed the issue on the ground prior to take off, avoiding any potential disruption. [in] the air.”