Leeroy Jenkins meme returns to Twitter as plane heads for Ukraine

As unrest continues between Russia and Ukraine, airlines have stopped flying over the region.

Flight-tracking maps show the airspace over the country completely empty as planes reorient to avoid conflict.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has warned there is a risk of “intentional targeting and misidentification of civilian aircraft” and Ukraine has closed its airspace to civilian flights.

However, a photo has gone viral that appears to show a brave Air India flight heading straight for Ukraine and a hilarious meme has popped up because of it.

Air India meme goes viral

A fun meme took over Twitter after an Air India plane appeared to be spotted heading to Ukraine on Thursday.

The meme is a photo of a flight map that shows all planes, highlighted in yellow, avoiding the country’s airspace.

However, a plane highlighted in red can be seen flying over Russia directly towards the empty region.

The Air India flight from Delhi to Frankfurt was reportedly spotted by Plane Finder this week.

However, some people on Twitter have claims that the picture is wrong, many say there was a problem with the site that moved the location of the plane.

Nonetheless, it went viral thanks to its totally hilarious caption.

Leeroy Jenkins legend entertains Twitter

A Twitter user called @QueBecTango added a hilarious comment legend to the photo that linked him to a famous game.

“Air traffic control: avoid the area – it’s war! Air India: LEEEEEROOOOYYYYY JEEEENKINNNNS!!!” he wrote alongside the image.

If you don’t know, Leeroy Jenkins is the name of a character in the game World of Warcraft.

The multiplayer online role-playing game was released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment and was hugely popular around the world.

Leeroy Jenkins is known for shouting his name out loud before charging headfirst into battle.

Thus, the Twitter user compared the Air India plane to Leeroy as it appeared to be flying straight into the conflict.

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Social media react to meme

On Twitter, people are angry at the funny meme.

A person wrote: “Hahahahahaha I haven’t seen a good Leeroy Jenkins meme in a while…it tickled the funny bone.”

“I was years old today when I heard about the iconic Leeroy Jenkins. So funny. Have a laugh too,” noted another one.

A third person added“I’m so glad ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ is still being used after all these years.”

“I never thought I would see LEEROY JENKINS again! 🤣” tweeted another one.