Land your plane for $9.35 or go swimming for $6.90

The differences in childcare fees and pool entry fees on the coast are highlighted in the proposed increases in fees and charges which the Central Coast Council plans to introduce from 1 July for 2022 -2023.

The council is proposing to raise pool entry fees at Gosford by 10 cents for both adults and children.

But in Woy Woy, the proposed increase is 20 cents for adults and 50 cents for children.

In Toukley and Wyong, the proposed increase is 20 cents for adults and 10 cents for children.

Toukley and Wyong would remain the cheapest with entry for adults at $6.90 and $4.10 for children.

Gosford would cost $7 for adults and $4.90 for children.

Woy Woy would be the most expensive at $8.20 for adults and $5.50 for children.

CCC asked the Council to explain why the prices were different but had not heard back at press time.

Residents have until January 21 to complain or compliment Council on the increases outlined in 150 pages of goods and services.

It includes its least used services, Warnervale Airport and its child care centres.

Little Coast Kids Toukley and Northlakes, Niagara Park and Kariong Children’s Center, Terrigal Children’s Center and Umina Children’s Center will see an increase of $7 per child per session.

Little Coast Kids Kanwal and Little Coast Kids Wyong increase by $2 per child per session.

The cost of landing an aircraft used as part of a business has increased under the proposal with prices based on maximum certificated take-off weight (MTOW).

A commercial 700 kg MTOW would pay an additional $12.51 per year in lieu of landing fees for a proposed total of $621.50.

A non-commercial aircraft with the same MTOW would pay an additional 35 cents for a total of $9.35 per landing or for a 20-minute block for circuit operations as part of a resident’s airport usage fee .

The fees and charges are on public display earlier than usual as the Commission must obtain its paperwork to submit an application – to extend the current rate variation for another seven years – to the Independent Rate and Regulatory Tribunal by February 7.

Other increases include a $10 raise to release a seized motor vehicle – assuming the council hasn’t already sent it to be run over as happened late last year to a resident of Point Clare who failed to notice the warning sticker on his car and received a council warning letter two days after the Red Camry crashed.

The cost of renting a room by a nonprofit organization for a half-day event will increase from $1 to $56 in round numbers.

The daily rate paid by circuses and carnivals is proposed to increase by $5.

And a fitness business would have to shell out an extra $82 a year to get a license to use an open space on Gosford’s waterfront.

It will cost sports groups such as Football, Rugby League, AFL, Cricket and Oz Tag an additional $25 per year for a total of $1,456.45 for the seasonal rental of a Sports Oval, excluding the final series.

Key Association Bonds increased another $36 to $2,136.75.

It is proposed to increase the costs of parking your car at Gosford City Parking and the first two hours which were free will cost $3.30.

The Council has five fee categories.

The first price charged for a good/service is a statutory charge set by regulation.

The other four categories reflect subsidized contributions, full costs, or somewhere in between.

The Council has published its proposed fee increases but does not include a comparison with current fees.

Merilyn Vale