Korean Air plane overruns runway at Cebu International Airport

Korean Air flight KE631 overruns the runway at Cebu International Airport on October 23.

A Korean Air passenger plane with 162 passengers on board veered off the runway at Cebu International Airport in the Philippines on October 23. Korean Air said no one was injured in the crash, which was caused by a brake system failure.

Korean Air flight KE631 veered off the runway, overshot and came to a stop in the bushes at the airport at 11:07 p.m. on October 23 (local time), Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said on October 24.

The aircraft landed normally on the runway. But he couldn’t slow down and stopped about 250 meters from the end of the runway.

Philippine aviation authorities and Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation say the airliner’s braking system is likely to blame and are investigating the causes of the crash.

The airliner’s captain reportedly told an initial investigation that the brake system warning light came on during landing and that he could not slow the plane down the runway. Some experts raise the possibility that the braking system failed during the two previous landing attempts. The plane made two landing attempts before the crash, but did not land due to bad weather. Experts suspect that the hydraulic braking system may have failed due to impact on the wheels during the re-takeoff after the two failed landing attempts.

Meanwhile, with the runway at Cebu airport closed, flights between Incheon and Cebu have been suspended. Philippine airport authorities have extended the closing time of the runway at Cebu Mactan Airport to 5 p.m. About 100 passengers due to return to Incheon International Airport on a Korean Air flight were unable to return home and are waiting in the Philippines. Jeju Air and Jin Air also found that 177 and 156 passengers were unable to return home due to the runway closure, respectively.