I’m a travel pro and here’s the ultimate airplane hack using a sick bag

A TRAVEL expert has just revealed the ultimate plane hack – using a sick bag.

TikTok user @dropdeadthreads shared how you can have a hands-free in-flight cinematic experience.


Travel experts hack uses phone with case and sick bag1 credit
The hack gives you a cinematic experience on the plane


The hack gives you a cinematic experience on the plane1 credit

In their video, she said, “All you need is a phone with a case, and two, an airplane bag.”

The TikToker proceeded to place the sick bag inside the empty phone case with a large portion dangling from one side.

She then placed her phone in the case, applying tension to the bag and holding it inside – this will now act as a makeshift stand for your phone.

She then opened her dining tray on the plane seat in front of her and placed the outward-facing part of the sick bag on the top edge of the open tray before closing it in place.

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This again puts tension on the bag, allowing it to stay in place while letting your phone hang freely in front of you.

And just like that, you now have your very own rear-seat entertainment system that leaves you completely hands-free when enjoying Netflix on the plane.

Just make sure you’ve recorded some of your favorite shows and movies before you fly, and you’re all set.


Separately, an Irish TikToker has revealed a simple trick that lets you track flights from Dublin Airport using WhatsApp.

Most read in The Irish Sun

With the recent delays and disruptions at Dublin Airport, TikTok user @megpassport has shared a handy way to stay up to date with departure and arrival times.

She said: “Are you looking to find out the status of a Dublin Airport departure or arrival? Here’s how to get a quick update via WhatsApp.”

His tutorial begins on the Dublin Airport website, where two options appear, Departures or Arrivals.

The travel blogger said: “You can choose one or the other, but let’s go with arrivals.

“So if you scroll down you’ll see a number of flights. I went with the Edinburgh flight which happens to be delayed.

“You’ll see flight details here, but at the bottom of the screen you’ll see ‘receive EI3259 updates’ with a WhatsApp logo next to it.

“So if you click on the logo then you will start receiving updates from Dublin Airport via WhatsApp.”

After being redirected to her WhatsApp, she received a pre-written message which read: “Please sign me up for updates on flight EI3259 on 21-06-2022”, the flight number and date will depend on the flight which you choose.

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She added that if you send the message “then you’ll start seeing updates coming in.”

“Once you have all the information you need, you can select ‘Stop updating me’ and that’s it.”