If I don’t listen, no plane can save … Putin’s “closed” open threat to the West, said

Minsk: Belarusian combat aircraft have been upgraded to carry nuclear weapons. The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, a friend of Putin and a supporter of Russia in the war in Ukraine, gave this statement as a warning. He said some “targets” had been selected in the West and retaliations would be taken if provoked. Lukashenko has warned the United States and its allies against “provoking” Belarus. He said the modification of the SU-24 was made after his meeting with Putin in June, during which he offered nuclear-capable Belarusian fighter jets from Russian factories and to help train pilots.

“The West must understand that no helicopter or plane will be able to save them if they continue to stir up the situation,” Lukashenko said, according to Belarusian state news agency Belta. Putin and I once said in St. Petersburg that we would, among other things, modify the Belarusian Sukhoi planes so that they could carry nuclear weapons. Lukashenko said: ‘You think we’re bullshit? Everything is ready!’

Vladimir Putin News: Russian army destroyed in war in Ukraine! Furious Putin ordered the recruitment of 1 lakh 37 thousand soldiers
Targets have been marked in the West
The Belarusian president said the West had “sharp targets” to retaliate against if his warnings were ignored. Lukashenko did not specify how many fighter jets were made capable of using nuclear power, and provided no evidence to support his claims. There has been no reaction from the Kremlin to his statement so far. Russia is using its neighbor Belarus as a “platform” to send troops to Ukraine. Moscow and Minsk (the capital of Belarus) have deep military ties.

Six-month war over, troops close to Russia
On August 24, the war between Russia and Ukraine ended for six months. Both sides suffered heavy losses in this war, but its end is still not visible. It is estimated that at least 40,000 Russian soldiers died in the Ukrainian war. These figures have not been confirmed, but the Russian army is struggling with a shortage of soldiers. To increase the number of soldiers, President Vladimir Putin ordered a large number of recruits by 2023. Putin said in his order that the Ministry of Defense should prepare to recruit 1,37,000 people into the Russian armed forces d here next year. The Russian armed forces currently number one million soldiers, while two million are in reserve.