How Jetstar’s new livery makes the plane more fuel efficient

Jetstar's new livery for the Airbus A321LR


Jetstar’s new livery for the Airbus A321LR

Jetstar celebrates its 18th birthday with a fresh coat of paint.

The airline has unveiled a polished new livery for its upcoming fleet of A321LR aircraft.

There are 38 NEOs on order and the new look on the tail and belly, as well as the freshly marked wingtips, are courtesy of a special fuel-efficient paint job.

Jetstar uses a two coat system consisting of a base coat and a clear coat. The airline claims it lasts longer and reduces paint weight by up to 30%. This means fuel savings of up to 108 tonnes each year across the entire A321LR fleet and savings of nearly 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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Jetstar Group CEO Gareth Evans said the arrival of the NEO fleet was one of the most important milestones in the airline’s 18-year history.

“These modern aircraft are world-class in performance, comfort and durability, ensuring our customers a whole new range of onboard benefits,” said Evans.

“In addition to flying our most popular domestic routes, long-haul NEOs open up new international opportunities, giving us the opportunity to expand our international network and deliver on our promise to offer lower fares to more destinations. .”

Jetstar has 38 Airbus A321LRs on order.


Jetstar has 38 Airbus A321LRs on order.

The A321LR offers passengers wider seats than the existing A320/21 fleet, with more overhead space and a quieter engine experience.

The first plane is expected to arrive in the coming months and will operate domestic Australian flights, including Melbourne to Cairns. It has not yet been revealed if they will be used in the New Zealand market.

Qantas’ low-cost subsidiary was established in 2003 and operated its first Australian domestic flight in May 2004. A year later the airline began flights to Christchurch. It started regional flights in New Zealand in 2015.

Jetstar’s changes to its livery are certainly more subtle than some other airlines.

German airline Condor recently unveiled all-new eye-catching liveries for its planes.

The airline, which specializes in the holiday market, has candy stripe colors that are used to conjure up images of “umbrellas, bath towels and beach chairs.”