Fortnite Airplane Quest Removed One Minute Before Latest Update

Oh so close to getting Stormwings back.

Fortnite players thought they would welcome the X-4 Stormwings, the game’s aircraft, back to the island this week. However, when the latest update went live, neither the planes nor the leaked challenge hinting at their return were visible anywhere. A last minute decision made by Epic Games.

Literally a last minute decision made by the creators of Fortnite according to dataminer Shiina. After the update went live and players started figuring out what was new, Shiina revealed on Twitter that the decision to remove the leaked plane challenge, and presumably the Stormwings with it, was made a little later. minute before the patch is deployed.

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“Planes were supposed to be unprotected today, but Epic changed the plane-related quest a MINUTE before it was supposed to go live,” Shiina tweeted. The challenge would have required players to pilot a biplane through a rift, which naturally would have required the Stormwing to be dismantled or a new aircraft to be added to Fortnite. Instead, the Crash Pads weren’t vaulted, a move that doesn’t sit well with players hoping for more in week two of this year’s Fortnitemares.

Not only are there no returning Crash Pad challenges, but they haven’t really been gone long enough for people to miss them. Less than a season has passed since their last appearance in the game. The item also has no connection to Halloween, and while the same can be said of the Stormwing, at least the planes divide players when it comes to their supposed return, as their presence can alter the dynamics of the game. ‘a match.

While Crash Pads might not be that scary, Ash from Evil Dead certainly is. The iconic horror movie character has been added to the game for this year’s Fortnitemares, complete with a subtle Bruce Campbell Spider-Man reference. Epic has also returned police cars to the game after removing them in 2020.

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