FMM eliminated for Puerto Vallarta visitors arriving by air

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The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust announced that the FMM form used by all international visitors arriving at the Puerto Vallarta airport has been eliminated by the National Institute of Migration (INM).

Eliminating the form will benefit all international tourists, reducing entry time, avoiding a time-consuming procedure for visitors from other countries.

The National Institute of Migration (INM) has been testing the removal of the FMM for a few months, and instead scans the passports of visitors and writes the number of days they can stay on their passport. Currently, NMI said, the new format allows the average visitor to go through immigration in about 10 minutes. The format is still used ONLY at certain airports in Mexico, and not all airports have phased out the use of FMM.

Currently, Puerto Vallarta International Airport has approximately 20 migration agents and 14 filters, which speeds up the process with this new format implemented in the terminal building.

Long lines can form at the immigration entry point at the Puerto Vallarta airport.

So far in 2022, Puerto Vallarta has received an average of 1 million 106 thousand 550 passengers from international markets, which testifies to the good dynamism of the arrival of travelers from other countries and the importance of generating strategies that accelerate their arrival. the destination entry.

Puerto Vallarta International Airport, of the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP), has established itself as one of the air terminals with the largest infrastructure at the national level. It should be noted that the new Terminal 2 is currently under construction, which is a NET Zero (Zero Emissions) building with energy savings of 40.78% and drinking water savings of 58.3% in which each baggage system will have two intelligent tomography inspection equipment for added security.