End of the squid game: Gi-hun’s plane was going to crash

A final Squid Game theory speculates that if Gi-hun had boarded the plane, the organization would have detonated it to keep its cover a secret.

Squid gameThe show’s final episode features several surprises, and one circulating theory suggests that Gi-hun’s plane would have crashed if he had boarded it at the end of the show. The hit Netflix series has spawned so many theories due to its frequent twists and the secrecy of the organization that runs the games. With a few key questions left unanswered by Season 1, and even plot holes Squid game Season 2 should approach, it’s only natural for viewers to wonder what else the show might have in store.

Season 1 ends with Gi-hun winning the games and receiving 45.6 billion won. Too traumatized to use it, he spends a year drifting into an even worse version of his old life. The series as a whole seeks to explore the desperation felt by those with high debt, and the games themselves are presented as a back door to achieving equality, even though they are run for the enjoyment of an extremely minority. rich. Gi-hun disrupts the creator’s expectations by ignoring his earnings at first, but at the end of Squid game‘s finale, Gi-hun dies his red hair and seems to spend his life. It wasn’t until the last moment, as he was about to board a plane to the United States to visit his daughter, that Gi-hun realized that the games were still on. and decides to stay and fight back.


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According to one theory on Reddit, the plane would have exploded if Gi-hun had boarded it. The Front Man told him over the phone, “Just get on that plane. It’s for your own good“, which suspiciously reveals that the organization is still tracking Gi-hun’s whereabouts a year after his victory. According to this theory, Gi-hun has become too risky for the organization, and they plan to kill him to ensure their secret remains safe.

This explanation of events is based on two assumptions. The first is that the organization is ready to kill the winners after the games. But, as another theory that Gi-hun becomes the Front Man in Squid game As season 2 points out, the organization is not in the habit of killing its winners, but rather promoting them. In-ho, the winner of the 2015 games and the older brother of Detective Jun-ho, is the man behind the mask of Front Man in 2021. While it’s unclear what happened to the other winners, it seems still quite unlikely that the organization will kill Gi-hun to keep their secret safe, as that would go against the games’ supposed spirit, which is to promote equality and reward the hard work it takes to win.

The plane crash theory also assumes that Gi-hun poses a sufficient threat to the organization that he deserves to be eliminated in such a grand manner. But while Gi-hun had to be Squid gamevictor, he does it mostly with good teamwork and luck, not cruelty or skill. On top of that, Episode 2 shows how unlikely it is for the police to believe Gi-hun if he reports the organization’s actions. All of this evidence suggests that the organization isn’t too worried about the leaks, but even if they were, they probably don’t view Gi-hun as so dangerous or capable. His only move to beat the games is to do it solo, and given the scale of what he’s up against, he might not have what it takes to be successful. Ultimately, the theory that Gi-hun’s plane was going to crash Squid gameThe finale doesn’t quite hold up, but the fact that he doesn’t board the plane sets the show up well for Season 2, should it ever happen.

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