Diablo Immortal Fractured Plane event pleases fans

The new Diablo Immortal Fractured Plane event appeals to players of the Blizzard RPG game. Diablo Immortal has certainly seen its fair share of criticism in the months since its release, with community site Maxroll stopping coverage in protest at the game’s microtransaction model and Diablo Immortal warstrips proving a constant source of frustration. among the players. However, there’s still plenty to love about the fantasy game, and the August 17 Diablo Immortal update has proven popular so far.

Introduced with the update is a new limited-time event called Fractured Plane, which moves away from Diablo Immortal’s traditional leveling and progression systems. Instead, Fractured Plane is a roguelike mode that strips away all of your currently equipped skills, gear, and legendary gems. Instead, you have to tackle a gauntlet of 15 floors starting with base items and a random skill set, finding armor and gear as you progress.

As you defeat enemies and explore the Fractured Plane, you find “Unstable Legendary Gear” – it’s only usable inside the event, but will still be of legendary rarity and will be chosen to complement the skills your character has. Blizzard says this event is designed to test class knowledge and “to invite players to try out new skills and legendary items they don’t typically use, while providing a nuanced, yet challenging way to play. Diablo Immortal”.

You can also earn Chaos Coins as you progress, a currency used to buy new items or exchanged for Shards of Fortune, which increases your chances of finding higher quality Legendaries in the chests you find. . There’s also a tempting reward for success – reach the fifteenth floor after five or fewer deaths, and you can choose any of the six unstable legendary items you’ve encountered. You will then receive one of the randomly chosen legendaries as a reward to take home and keep.

In general, players seem pretty positive about the new event. Some say the lack of gear restrictions makes the content more easily accessible to players who might struggle with gear requirements for endgame events like Helliquary battles. Others say they appreciate that there is actually a reason to stay alive. “There’s almost no penalty for dying in Diablo Immortal,” remarks one user, “but Fractured Plane triggered my survival instincts like Diablo 1 did.”

One group that seems to be having a little less than normal fun, however, are the whales – a term used to describe Diablo Immortal’s biggest spenders, who in some cases have poured tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into their characters. A humorous thread on the game’s subreddit comments, “The best thing about the new Fractured Plane event is watching whales fail and asking for help in chat because their gear/resonance doesn’t come online by the way, hahaha!”

In response, some players are discussing the potential that a PvP Battlegrounds mode with a similar setup could be a lot of fun for more casual or low-spending users. “Go naked, pick six pieces of gear, then go gladiator,” reads one comment, while another suggests the complete opposite – “I think they should have a special event where you can pick which legendary gems you you want!” With many Diablo Immortal detractors pointing out the feeling that they need to spend money at some stage of progression as a major complaint, events like the fractured plane certainly seem like a good way to assuage that. audience.

As you traverse the Fractured Plane, be sure to keep an eye out for Diablo Immortal’s best legendaries. If you’re preparing for other events outside of the Fractured Plane, keep an eye out for a Diablo Immortal experience bug that’s lowering your EXP earned. We also have the best Diablo Immortal builds to work on, and even a Diablo Immortal tier list if you’re still unsure which class of the game you want to play.