Denise Richards takes a selfie on a plane without a mask

Actress and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards gets raked on the coals for a really freaky Instagram post in which she bragged about not wearing a mask on an airplane.

Despite no one asking, Richards took to the platform to let her followers know that she was not wearing a mask and was hiding under a hoodie and winter coat. .

If that doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because … well, it doesn’t make any medical or scientific sense, and the internet trains it for it. Richards has since deleted the post, but the screenshots are forever, so see below for a preview of his post.

Under a caption that said she was “on a jet plane,” Richards wrote:

“Anyone who is upset that I [am] I’m not wearing a mask I’m hiding under a hoodie [sic] amd [sic] a huge winter coat. Please. Thicker than any mask !!!!!! ”

Respectfully, Mrs. Richards: What?

For the record, hiding under a hoodie and a winter coat is not a valid way to mitigate COVID-19.

Being combative about pandemic procedures isn’t exactly out of character for Richards if his time on. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is an indication.

Her husband Aaron Phypers, practitioner of alternative medicine, complaints discovering several medical breakthroughs so revolutionary that the medical and pharmaceutical industries have watched him and Richards for years. Phypers also claimed that “Not everything you have been taught about how the disease process works and other things is true. “

In recent years, the worlds of holistic wellness and alternative medicine in which people like Phypers and Richards move have become closely aligned with anti-vaccine movements and conspiracy theories like QAnon, whose followers believe COVID is a hoax, masks don’t work and vaccines cause death, among other nonsense.

Nonetheless, Richards and Phypers have been seen wearing masks on several occasions in public appearances throughout the pandemic, so Richards’ bizarre and unprovoked Instagram 180 post appears particularly out of left field.

Naturally, people on social media have had a field day to put Richards in place.

According to a report in PeopleRichards would now be embarrassed by the post and told people around her that she regretted it.

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