Demon Slayer Celebrates Season 2 With Mugen Train Plane

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba makes his way through season two, and all eyes are on his big new arc. For now, fans are reliving the Mugen Train arc, and the story is bringing audiences back week after week for more. And thanks to a Japanese airline, Mugen Train is ready to take off and have its own plane.

The update comes from All Nippon Airways, the largest airline operating out of Japan. The company has put down its cards for Demon slayer fans and internet users are buzzing in the wake. After all, the airline brings Demon slayer planes to its fleet, and fans will be able to travel with them starting next year.

(Photo: All Nippon Airways)

According to All Nippon Airways, the first plane will debut in late January 2022 before a second joins in March 2022. At this point, it’s unclear when the collaboration will end. But while the airline has these planes, travelers will be treated to a themed experience both inside and out.

As you can see above, the planes will have overlays of Demon slayerthe best heroes. Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke and others will have their faces glued to planes. For those traveling on the plane, they will be entitled to pre-recorded announcements on the flight recited by Demon slayer voice actors. They will also receive drinks in themed mugs, and All Nippon Airways will offer the anime for free in its inflight entertainment.

Clearly, Demon slayer has achieved icon status with this collaboration with airlines, and fans are ready to buy their own plane tickets. Of course, this isn’t the first time the anime has done a stunt like this. In preparation for the movie Mugen Train, an actual railway in Japan modified its trains to match the one found in Demon slayerr. And now the anime is moving from the tracks to the clouds.

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