Charissa Thompson Opens Up About Sexting On A Plane – OutKick

Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews have had bad luck in vehicles lately. Erin revealed last month that she driver fell asleep while driving on the freeway on a trip from Chicago to Green Bay. As if that weren’t enough, Charissa had an accident last week where a driver made an illegal left turn and crashed into his Mercedes.

During this week’s episode of their podcast Calm down with Erin and Charissa, Charissa thanked Erin for being a great friend following what she called a scary accident. The two then reflected on having a grateful perspective on life.

The two then recounted stories that happened during their other frequent mode of transportation, on planes. Erin was apparently dusted for an entire flight by the guy sitting in front of her and Charissa couldn’t help but read an old man’s sexting messages.

Image Credit: Take it easy with Erin & Charissa/Instagram

Erin kicked off the plane conversation by mentioning someone who ran out of gas on a recent flight. When asked if she knew who was responsible for the in-flight stench, she replied, “It wasn’t hard to figure out when it happened during the whole three-and-a-half-hour flight.”

“It’s like a little pass and you’re like ‘okay, wow’ it must have been a rough lunch or something… At this point it was like I wanted to wear the covid mask again, you know because I’m sitting in this guy’s fart.

She then revealed who she thought was still farting: “I think it was the guy in front of me, wearing a Notre Dame shirt. So you know who you are.

Reading sexts sounds way better than being dusted

Here’s how Charissa explained her sexting experience: “You know when you’re sitting next to someone and that screen is so bright, and you can’t help but stare and I don’t want to look over it. … And then if the font is so big, now I read the texts.

“I try so hard not to look, but now it’s an older person and there’s sexting and photos. I was like, ‘Oh my god stop looking,’ and then I was like, ‘But I want to watch. I want to see what’s going on here.

“They were sending sexts on their phones, but the police were so big,” she continued. “Sending pictures, and now it wasn’t really, really bad pictures but it was enough.”

“Then I looked at the person and I thought, maybe I need to spice this up here because there’s something going on here with this situation. I couldn’t… I kept looking and I felt like such a pervert.

Don’t fart on a plane near Erin and don’t sext near Charissa. Erin calls you and Charissa reads your sexts and looks at your photos. Although the people in large print kinda ask.